pcusa sealOn April 28th, we wrapped up our “Presbyterian Brackets” at church where, as part of our month of celebrating the confirmation of five of our youth,  we were picking (NCAA basketball style) which aspects of our faith, and being Presbyterian, means the most to us.  In our Final Four, it was Worship vs. the Sacraments and Grace vs. the Sovereignty of God.  Worship and Grace advanced to the final match.  For much of the voting, Grace and Worship were tied, but then GRACE edged ahead late to “win” our contest!

This has been a fun way for our congregation to consider which beliefs/aspects of our faith practice are most significant to us.  And if I had to select one theme among all to lift up as most essential to our faith, I think grace is a great choice!  It’s nothing we can earn, but a reflection of God’s boundless love for us.  In a way, we can think of grace as undergirding all of our beliefs and practices.   And as we continue in this season of Easter, it’s a wonderful time to reaffirm the gift of grace in our lives.