pcusa sealOver the past couple weeks, people in our church have been filling  out their “Presbyterian Brackets” to determine which aspects of being Presbyterian mean most to us as a community of faith!  It’s a fun, if not somewhat impossible exercise to pick between treasured elements of our Christian tradition and practice.  That said, we’re down to the Elite Eight!   (Go to our homepage at www.brpcraytown.org to download a blank bracket or the Elite Eight.)    The 4 key matchups going into this weekend are:

Sacraments vs. the Priesthood of all believers

Polity vs. Worshipswish

Stewardship vs. the Sovereignty of God

Grace vs. Resurrection

These are TOUGH match ups.  Will there be any upsets?  Which elements of the faith are YOU rooting for??    I’ll report on the Final Four and championship outcomes in the coming 2 weeks.  Hold onto your hats!  🙂