swishI want to invite you to fill out a bracket!

If you’re a sports fan, you may have participated in the fun of picking games in the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament which is entering the homestretch.  For those who completed a bracket, you know that making some of those choices can be a challenge — such as Michigan vs. KU or  Georgetown vs. Florida Gulf Coast University (would you believe I had THAT one?  I wish!)

pcusa sealAt our church, we are in the process of concluding our confirmation class.  As part of that, we created a Presbyterian Bracket in which our confirmands and adult leaders had to pick among 16 elements of being Presbyterian through 4 rounds.   It’s tough to pick some of the matchups — the Bible vs. worship, serving God vs. grace, sacraments vs. being reformed.   We are inviting our congregation to fill out brackets too and over the next four weeks I’ll post which elements make it into the elite 8, the final 4 and then the championship game!

Of course there’s no way to really say which element is “better” than another.  But it’s a fun way to examine the content and practice of our faith.

I’d love to hear what faith elements YOU would pick to go to the Final Four and win it all!  What would your youth group, Sunday School class or family say?   To download the bracket, go to www.brpcraytown.org and click on “Presbyterian Picks” on the left side under “Upcoming Events.”

Good luck!!!