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“I say that we should visit Christ while there is opportunity, take care of him and feed him.   We should clothe Christ and welcome him.  We should honor him, not only at our table, like some;  not only with ointments, like Mary;  not only with a sepulcher, like Joseph of Arimathea;  nor with things which have to do with his burial, like Nicodemus, who loved Christ only by half; nor finally with gold, incense and myrrh, like the Magi, who came before all those whom we have mentioned.

But, as the Lord of all desires mercy and not sacrifice, and as compassion is better than tens of thousands of fat rams, let us offer him this mercy through the needy and those who are at present cast down on the ground.”

Gregory of Nazianzus, 4th Century


Prayer for the Day

Dear Lord,

If we understood that in feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, clothing the naked and visiting the imprisoned, we were truly serving you, wouldn’t we strive to do these things all the time?  Help welcome us into your presence through our acts of love, mercy and compassion.