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“I need to point out that God was first experienced by the Israelites in the event of the Exodus.  That was how they came into contact with God.  They were at the time just a rabble of slaves.  They did not encounter God in some religious event such as a sacrifice or at worship.  God was revealed in helping them to escape from bondage . . . And when God redeemed us in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it was not through a religious event.  No, it was through an act of execution, used against common criminals.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Dear Lord,

What are the bonds that enslave us in this life?  Bonds of guilt, bonds of expectation, bonds of fear, bonds of failure, bonds of addiction of all sorts, bonds of illness?  Free us Lord.  In this season Lent, bring us to the cross and then that empty tomb, and let us walk through that door you open into new life.