Camp Heartland Cross in snow 2Sacred Writing

“Being bound to an order and stability of observance, to a discipline of worship at set hours and fixed     forms, is a celestial routine.  Nature does not cease to be natural because of its being subject to regularity of seasons.  Loyalty to external forms, dedication of the will, is itself a form of worship.  The mitzvoth (commandments) sustain their halo even when our minds forget to light in us the attentiveness to the holy.  The path of loyalty to the routine of sacred living runs along the borderline  of the spirit; though being outside, one remains very close to the spirit.  Routine holds us in readiness for the moments in which the soul enters into accord with the spirit.

While love is hibernating, our loyal deeds speak.  It is right that the good actions should become a habit, that a preference of justice should become our second nature; even though it is not native to     the self.  A good person is not one who does the right thing but one who is in the habit of doing the  right thing.”

– Abraham Joshua Heschel in God in Search of Man


Dear Lord,

Allow this Lenten time of preparation to become a time of habit-making.  Bring to our prayers, our worship, our study and our acts of service a rhythm of routine, of day in/day out.  This routine will be no dull drumbeat or mindless repetition, but rather a life-breathing, spiritually-toning exercise that strengthens us and awakens us to your presence in our lives.