sunrise over fieldSacred Writing by Rev. Donna Schaper drawn from “Prayers for Lent, Easter and Pentecost”

Music is sometimes a window to God.  It carries us “over” to a place of beauty, spirit and energy.  It lets us squint and glimpse beyond the daily chores.  It relieves the “time famine” in which so many of us live;  it competes with the culture of haste.  We relax.  We see.  We gain perspective.

Holy God, the culture of haste has won the battle with us and we don’t know how to slow down.  We have forgotten.  Remind us.  Use music.  Let us make a date with music we love and let us be soothed by it.  Let Lent be a time when we dare to be different, dare to be slow, dare to be calm.


Dear Lord,

Perhaps those falling flakes of yesterday — muffling the sounds of the day, keeping most cars idle under a white canopy, pausing work schedules and appointments – maybe those flakes were a Lenten gift of quiet and solitude.  As the city begins to stir again today, allow us to hold onto some of that peace.  And in those spaces, let our minds drift to you.  Those steps of yours that we are following to Jerusalem appear today as sandal marks in the fresh snow.