sunrise over fieldSacred Writing – “God Seeks Me”

By Howard Thurman in Meditations of the Heart

Again and again I am conscious that I am seeking God. There is ever present in me a searching longing for some ultimate resting place for my spirit—some final haven of refuge from storms and upheavals of life.  I seek ever the kind of peace that can pervade my total life, finding its quiet way into all the hidden crevices of my being and covering me completely with a vast tranquility.  This I seek not because I am a coward, not because I am afraid of life or of living, but because the urge seems to steady me to the very core.

With sustained excitement, I recall what, in my own urgency, I had forgotten:  God is seeking me.  Blessed remembrance!  God is seeking me.  Wonderful assurance.  God is seeking me.  This is the meaning of my longing, this is the warp of my desiring.  This is my point.  The searching that keeps the sand hot under my feet is but my response to His seeking.  Therefore, this moment, I will be still, I will quiet my reaching out, I will abide;  for to know really that God is seeking me; to be aware of that NOW is to be found of Him.  Then, as if by a miracle, He becomes the answer to my need.  It sufficeth now and forever that I am found of Him.


Dear Lord,

On this Lenten journey, we are intent upon following you — of tracing your steps from Galilee to Jerusalem, and then across those stones as you bear that cross.  But can it be that through it all you were walking toward us, you had us in mind, as you carried that beam on your shoulder?   What gratitude can we offer you at this hour?   What gratitude can we offer you as we make our way through this day?