Tummy of a Pregnant Woman

Well, we’re still here! Talk about unfulfilled expectations! Despite some dire predictions, the world has not come to an end as some of those interpreting the Mayan calendar were predicting. (Someone told me today about a news account of how one company in China was selling special survival dwellings at $800,000 apiece! I expect those will be a bargain soon!)

What are your expectations as we look to our final Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve? That might vary depending on whether we’re 8, 28, 48 or 88. It might vary depending on whether we’re responsible for Christmas dinner or traveling to be with relatives. Whatever our situation, it seems to me that Christmas Eve might be the single highpoint for expectations in the entire year.

In our continuing focus on “the people of Advent,” this Sunday we’ll focus on Mary and Joseph. Can you imagine what expectations they might have had at the birth of their son? I’ll be preaching from Micah 2:2-5a and Luke 1:26-38 on “Great Expectations.” Please bring yours and we’ll celebrate the good news that is to come.

See you Sunday!   And invite a friend!

Peace and grace,

Pastor Pat