You can excuse the disciples.

As my daughter might say seriously?!”

Jesus had just asked the disciples to take two fishes and five loaves and feed a crowd of over  5,000 people.

This Sunday I’ll be preaching on the second half of our stewardship theme: “Let God lead . . . and see what happens.”  We’re into the “see what happens” part.   I’m basing my sermon on Mark 6:31-48, that story of Jesus feeding the crowd.   As I approach Sunday, I’m wondering what “crowds” you might be facing in your life.   What challenge is before you which seems overwhelming considering the resources you have at hand.  What challenges do we face as a church that seem to outweigh our resources as a congregation?

As kids, we fill a balloon full of what and throw it out a window . . . and see what happens.
In a science lab (or maybe in our kitchen at home), we mix all sorts of ingredients together . . . and see what happens.
When we job hunt, we send out a bunch of resumes to different companies . . . and see what happens.
In love, we steel our courage and go up to that person to ask them on a date . . . and see what happens.
This Sunday, we’ll gather in the house of the Lord to hear God’s word and praise the Lord.

And we’ll see what happens.

Peace and grace,
Pastor Pat